The finest Biltong, Chilli Bites, Droëwors, Boerewors and Meat Treats. Proudly made in Rotorua since 2020, using only Prime NZ Grass fed Beef.

Growing up in South Africa, in a family who loves the outdoors, farm life, hunting and... meat, Pete has been exposed to and spoiled with the most delicious boerewors, biltong and droëwors (bier sticks). He learned the methods and recipes of making these from a young age, and his fine palate and passion caused him to keep tweaking and improving them, to produce some of the finest meat products available.
Upon arriving in New Zealand with plenty of prime quality grass fed beef roaming around, but short in supply of quality Biltong and Boerewors, Pete decided to grab the bull by the horns (or the steers by their ears), roll up the sleeves and produce some of these fine meat products to enjoy with his fellow SA expats, and introduce to his new Kiwi friends and community.
If you are a meat lover, spoil yourself today and order some of Pete's delectable meat treats!